Daimler DS420 Limousine Red - Blue or white


The Daimler DS420 Limousine is well known for its opulence and space especially suitable if a fuller wedding gown is to be worn. The Daimler can seat up to seven passengers in luxury but offers a very spacious main cabin when just two are travelling. This Daimler Limousine has a privacy division screen between the Chauffeur and the main cabin. The Burgundy colour has a rich warmer glow when in full sunlight as shown below both in sun and shade.


Exterior:-Ivory & Burgundy-Interior:Grey leather Passenger-Seats:6 main cabin, 1 front-Chauffeurs Attire:- Fully uniformed

Austin 12/4 Ascot Saloon


A stunning classic and fully restored Austin Saloon from the 1930's. This very pretty looking Austin saloon has wire wheels, a running board and forward opening rear doors providing much easier access than conventional doors.


Exterior:Green & black-Interior:Green leather-Passenger Seats:1 Front. 2/3 Rear

Chauffeurs Attire:Fully uniformed



This American Lincoln Town Car stretched limousine has all the comfort one would expect in a Limousine and you will simply glide along to the church in peaceful serenity, however if you require a little more action there are 4 Televisions, CD Player, Champagne Bar and Glasses and a fabulous ceiling lighting display as shown in one of the photographs. Naturally the Limousine is Air Conditioned with rear cabin controls.

ACS Wedding Events (formerly known as Gosport Wedding Show)