Daimler DS420 Limousine Red - Blue or white


The Daimler DS420 Limousine is well known for its opulence and space especially suitable if a fuller wedding gown is to be worn. The Daimler can seat up to seven passengers in luxury but offers a very spacious main cabin when just two are travelling. This Daimler Limousine has a privacy division screen between the Chauffeur and the main cabin. The Burgundy colour has a rich warmer glow when in full sunlight as shown below both in sun and shade.


Exterior:-Ivory & Burgundy-Interior:Grey leather Passenger-Seats:6 main cabin, 1 front-Chauffeurs Attire:- Fully uniformed

Austin 12/4 Ascot Saloon


A stunning classic and fully restored Austin Saloon from the 1930's. This very pretty looking Austin saloon has wire wheels, a running board and forward opening rear doors providing much easier access than conventional doors.


Exterior:Green & black-Interior:Green leather-Passenger Seats:1 Front. 2/3 Rear

Chauffeurs Attire:Fully uniformed



This American Lincoln Town Car stretched limousine has all the comfort one would expect in a Limousine and you will simply glide along to the church in peaceful serenity, however if you require a little more action there are 4 Televisions, CD Player, Champagne Bar and Glasses and a fabulous ceiling lighting display as shown in one of the photographs. Naturally the Limousine is Air Conditioned with rear cabin controls.

ACS Wedding Events (formerly known as Gosport Wedding Show) 

Gosport Wedding Show

Gosport Wedding Show

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